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I’m on a Podcast!

About a week or two ago I saw a tweet from the guys over at the WoWPhiles Podcast looking for Class/Spec experts to so a segment on there upcoming podcast episode. I’ve always wanted to be on a podcast so I jumped at the chance.

Nervous as I was I jumped in skype with Jason from WoWPhiles and off we went. My segment talks a little about leveling a lowbie hunter and where you should put your talents, survival at 80 and how to play it and just some general chit chat about our new resource Focus. I’m going to include both specs that I mentioned in the podcast down below.

Also on the podcast were two other players; Linedan from Achtung Panzercow who comes on the show to talk about all things Prot Warrior and Liala from Disciplinary Action who talks about all things Disc Priest. Both players know their spec really well and were very informative on the podcast!

Click the link below and listen!

Podcast Link:

Survival Build:

Thanks again to the guys at WoWPhiles for letting me do a little segment on the podcast. It was fun to do!

~ Bliky

Aspect of the Fox

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately about this new spell that hunter’s are getting in Cataclysm. It’s a new Aspect, to be exact.

Hunter’s will be able to train Aspect of the Fox at level 83. When Aspect of the Fox is active it allows you to cast Steady Shot and Cobra Shot while moving. Also, it gives back 2 focus for every time we get hit by a melee attack.

The way Blizzard designed focus is interesting, yet simple to understand. Basically, it’s almost exactly like Energy except for two big aspects.

  1. Energy regenerates a lot faster than Focus does.
  2. We have an ability (In this Case Steady/Cobra Shot) that allows us to regenerate focus. Energy relies solely on talents and passive regeneration.

Unlike Energy, we can’t let our Focus pool to increase DPS because it doesn’t pool fast enough. Instead, we have to spam our focus regenerating shots to gain back what we need to use our DPS shots.

The one drawback to this system is the fact that our focus regenerating shots have a cast time. Not a long one, but it’s their. That mean’s we can’t cast them while moving thus cutting down our focus regeneration while moving by a very big amount. Aspect of the Fox opens a new door for us in the way we regenerate focus in both PvE and PvP.

Honestly, I’ve come to one conclusion about this spell. In my opinion, Aspect of the Fox is the hunter’s BEST utility spell (If not the best spell, period) that they will have at 85. Why do I think this you ask? Well, let me explain.


A lot of PvE fights now a days (And especially the one’s i’ve seen in Cataclysm) require a good amount of movement. In a general situation we would be severely focus starved if we had to move a good distance during a fight. Now we can just activate Aspect of the Fox and keep casting our Steady/Cobra Shots.

The best part about Aspect of the Fox from a PvE standpoint? It allows us to keep 100% DPS while moving. Of course, that assumes you know hot to Studder-Step (Yes, I’m going to write a post on how to do this at some point). Think about it, we are the ONLY class that can keep 100% DPS while moving. How awesome is that?


From a PvP aspect I plan to have Aspect of the Fox on 24/7. PvP is almost all moving. From my experience there are very little moments where you get to stop and actually cast. Now, you don’t actually have to stop moving at all except to fire auto shots! Also, the focus you get back from getting hit by melee attacks is pretty nifty too.


A friend of mine pointed out that I move and jump a lot in game. I watched myself today and I really do! Personally, I can’t wait for Aspect of the Fox because I want to be able to move and keep DPS. Not having it right now at 80 feels so cripple. If I have to move for more than two seconds I get focus starves and just basically have to stand there. I hate just standing and waiting when DPSing.

See why I love Aspect of the Fox so much? Sure, the lost of not using Aspect of the Hawk is there but you’ll be able to cast while moving… How awesome is that?!

Let me know what you think about Aspect of the Fox down below!

~ Bliky

Bane of the Fallen King

So, this tuesday started out like any raid night. We all got into ICC. The officers moved into the main raiding channel and told us we were going to have a vote. We were to vote 1 if we wanted to continue on Heroic LK 25, vote 2 if we wanted to have a more casual raiding schedule where we could do what we want, or vote 3 to continue clearing ICC for loot. I voted 1 but as majority would have it, the two’s won. I started to get upset because I really thought we had a chance to get H-LK25 down but that feeling didn’t last for long. Before I knew it I was being dragged in vent to another channel with one of our officers, Vinz. Instantly he qued his mic up and asked if I would be interested in doing H-LK10 this Thursday at regular raid time. I jumped at the chance as fast as I could.

Thursday night came and we headed into ICC. We started late due to the login bug that was going on that night but we managed to clear all of H-ICC10 except for Lich King. So, Vinz asked in vent if we were all available the next day, Friday, to kill him. We decided to schedule it for the next night and that was that.

Tonight began with much excitement as I had done some research on the fight earlier in the day and got pumped. We all logged on, jumped in raid, and headed for ICC. About 10 minutes in I noticed something. We were missing our Paladin tank, Hevensrath! No one knew where he was so we waited for him. We waited and waited for what seemed to be days. Eventually the clock said 8:50 my time. We waited almost an hour for him. Just about that time I hear Vinz que up in vent. He said this was basically a bust and we would try another night. Mad and slightly pissed I hearthed out of ICC. Just as I did guess who came online? Yupp, Good old Hevensrath! Excited to see him login we all hoped back in raid and headed back to ICC.

Tonight’s attempts started off.. well.. not so good. One of our best attempts was either the first or second one where we made it all the way to 36% on the boss. We, of course, wiped. This process repeated several times through the night. Things happen, people mess up, but somehow I KNEW we would get it tonight.

WTB Less Defile, PST!

Anyway, the night went on until our final attempt. Things looked lost and I personally was loosing hope. We got through Phases 1&2 perfectly. Phase 3 started off very well with everyone alive. Arthas cast his spell, we all lifted up from the ground and were ported into Frostmourne’s Room. We navigated through the room well, killing Spirits as we went, then we were out. It was then that I got “the feeling”. Right then, just as we came out, I looked over at Grid. What did I see? Everyone alive. If was then that I said to myself “This is it, this IS the kill!”. Yes, that feeling. Most raiders know that feeling, the one where you just KNOW you’ve got it. It’s an awesome feeling!

One thing lead to another. I look down to the bottom of the screen and what do I see? That’s right, Arthas is casting “Fury of the Frostmourne”. We had done it! I think I squee’d in vent at the time >.> But boy, was I excited! We watched the roleplay for what seemed like forever. We were rezzed, threw some more damage at him, and then, this:

Bane of the Fallen King Baby!

He was dead, and everyone was happy in vent! The Bow didn’t drop, but I think I will (hopefully) be back again to kill him for a second time.

Sadly, we didn’t get to take a screenshot of the full group but we did manage a semi-ghetto screenshot in Dalaran!

Left to Right: Xhula (Saiyah), Thinmint, Hevensrath, Vinzclortho, Bliky, Næ and Voxstellarum.

Missing: Keleborn, Tanequil and McDougle (Cheo).

Congratz to everyone who got Bane of the Fallen King tonight! I had so much fun with you guys tonight and I’m so glad I got the opportunity to do it!

Also, gratz to Zevvo’s group who got their Bane achievement’s last night! Both groups did an awesome job and put in some good attempts into the fight.

Bliky, Bane of the Fallen King. That has a good ring to it. 🙂

~ Bliky

Blizzcon 2010

As most of you know Blizzcon went on this past weekend. I didn’t get to physically attend this year but I was able to get the Direct TV live stream and watch it from the comfort of my own house. I was only going to watch the some of the panels as I usually aren’t interested in Cinematics or Art stuff but honestly, I’m glad I watched both of these panels. They were very interesting and gave me a cool look into new parts of the game I hadn’t seen before.

If course, I did watch the Class Q&A, General Q&A, and the Dungeons & Raids panel since those were what I really wanted to see. The only one that had any relevant hunter questions was the Class Q&A one and I wanted to talk about the two questions that were asked.

Q: Are Hunters ever going to get a fun “melee” enchant or are we going to be stuck with the same enchants?

A: For now you’re going to be stuck, but we’re going to be evaluating the scopes to make them more interesting. So if you get that cool proc enchant, it will come through that.

I thought this was an awesome question to ask when I heard it. It makes sense really. Melee get some cool proc based weapon enchants, why are we stuck with just static stats? Well the answer that (I believe it was GC who answered this, Him or Ion (Who rocked the Class Q&A up one end and down the other btw)) they gave was kind of a surprising one. Scopes, at least in my eyes, have always been boring. Just more static stats bla bla etc… Well, having a scope that act’s like the Mongoose enchant or the Berserking enchant that procs a certain stat for a duration would be really awesome! /approve

Q: Hunters are the only class in the game with a minimum range. This hurts us a lot in raids. They can stand directly in front of you, they can repeatedly stand in front of you and use a ranged attack, why can’t Hunters do the same thing and stack near the boss?

A: It’s a theme for the class. Larger hit boxes on bosses cause a problem, and that’s something we’d like to address.

Followup Question:

Q: Well is there something to be done to give us an advantage for that?

A: You can shoot while moving for one, mages can’t do that. Rogues can’t really do anything while running from spot a to spot b, but you can. Different classes, different situations.

Ahh, I knew someone would ask this. The old Minimum Range question. Now, personally, I don’t like the minimum range at times, but it’s not a HUGE deal to me. It was nice to see Blizzard wanting to address things like bosses having gigantic hit boxes which can give hunter’s a harder time with that specific fight (See Marrowgar). The answer to the second question was one that made me thing. If you think about it’s true. Casters like Warlocks or Mages really can only do one or two abilitys on the move. Melee can only do so much as well. Hunter’s on the other hand, can do everything. When we get access to Aspect of the Fox it will let us use our one casted ability while on the move. If you know how to Studder-Step properly to fire auto shots (Stopping for a split second every time you’re about to fire an auto shot while moving) you can continue to fire Auto Shots while on the move. Basically we can keep 100% DPS while on the move and I’m totally okay with that. Sure, it’s a trade off for having a minimum range but, in my opinion, its a great trade off!

Frostheim over at Warcraft Hunters Union attended Blizzcon this weekend. Lucky for him he ran into Ghostcrawler himself at the Hotel where he stayed. He got to have a (what looks to be) lengthy conversation about hunters and other things as well. I suggest you go for yourself and see exactly what Frostheim and Ghostcrawler had a conversation about in this article. (Yay for GC actually making an actual note in his Blackberry about the current situation of hunter pets not being crit-immune! There is hope!)

Want to discuss the questions asked in further detail or have something to add? Leave a comment below!

~ Bliky

4.0.1: Surviving with Survival

(If you’re looking for a general hunter guide to patch 4.0.1 feel free to check out my guide right here. This post also assumes that you reforged the way my guide says and are using the spec/glyphs that are mentioned in the guide.)

I decided I would try the spec that Pre-4.0.1 I hated with an intense passion. Now.. I love it! I don’t know why but I like it a lot more than I did before. I wanted to write a post about my findings, both the good and bad. Of course, once we actually have access to 85 talents and abilities I will be writing a more formal guide to hunters @ 85 and each spec individually. That won’t be till December though.

I get a lot of hunters ask me what is the “spec to be” right now. I’ll tell you this straight up and I mean it. Now is the time in the game where nothing matters. If you’re a DPSing min-maxer who likes to be as perfect as possible at the game, this is your break period! What I want you to do is try all the spec’s you like, find one that’s fun and stick with that until Cataclysm. Play what you ENJOY. Everything is so imbalanced/broken right now because everything is tuned to 85 that nothing really matters (unless you’re progressing on H-LK or any H-ICC fights.) so do what YOU want to do, play what YOU want to play and enjoy the game till the real fun begins. Now that that’s over, lets dive into survival, shall we?

Spec I’ve been using with glyphs:

(If you’re curious, this is what I think will be the 85 spec for survival: I’m not going to go over this till Cataclysm)

Originally, with that spec I followed the “1.5 second Steady Shot cast” rule that I’ve been following for Marksmanship. Well, I realized something. Assuming you have no gear on and you’re just spec’d the way I have in the link above you have 13% Haste. 10% from Hunting Party and 3 from Pathing. With all of MY gear off that brought my Steady Shots from a 2 second cast time to 1.76 seconds. That’s just a little under half of what you need to get steadys to a 1.5 second cast time. That means that we don’t need that much haste from gear to get to this point. Luckily, if you had gear from Pre-4.0.1 that had ArmorPen on it then you should be at a good amount of haste.

I have come to realize that not only is the 1.5 second Steady shot cast time rule not as big a deal for Survival DPS as it is for Marksmanship but also with just some gear on + Hunting Party and Pathing you should be at an acceptable level of haste for your Steady Shots.

I like Survival right now for a few reasons. For some reason, I actually like the rotation compared to the way it used to be (Really didn’t change. And no, I don’t know why I like it now). I like the fact that if I Multi-Shot into a pack of 5+ mobs I see a whole waterfall of numbers across my screen. Go Go Multi-Shot – Serpent Spread – Improved Serpent Sting with a Launched Explosive Trap! Wyvern Sting will be nice for CC come Cataclysm when we need it. My raid doesn’t have any Enhancement Shamans (I think) or Frost DK’s so I bring the Melee/Range haste buff which is always a nice thing!

There are, of course, some drawbacks that Survival has at 80. The biggest one of them being no Cobra Shot. Not only do we currently have to have to manually refresh Serpent Sting but we have to use Steady Shot which is a psychical attack. Cobra Shot allows us to use a Nature Damage attack that gets the full benefit from our Mastery along with the fact that it keeps Serpent Sting up 100% of the time allowing us to keep 25 focus for other things. Part of Survivals current focus starvation problem is (I think) from the fact that we DO have to use that focus to refresh Serpent Sting instead of using it to cast things like Black Arrow or Explosive Shot.

Luckily for me and all the people who like survival the drawbacks it has currently will be fixed as soon as you ding 81 (and go to your trainer)!

On a side note, I did Molten Core with my hunter friend tonight and I FINALLY got my last piece to complete my Giantstalker Set! Here’s a picture of me in the full set with my Rhok’delar, Longbow of the Ancient Keepers

Be on the lookout for Hunter Blizzcon Coverage post coming (Hopefully) some time tomorrow and a post about all my new pets coming soon as well!

~ Bliky

Triumphs and Woes

So, after a little break from raiding this week (yeah, bad timing I know -.-) I was finally able to make my way back into ICC! Since the patch all I was able to see with the new changes in ICC was Marrowgar. I got to say, after a full nights raid (We went 10/12 HM ICC25 tonight) I have quite a few thoughts about focus, specs, and other stuff. Lets start, shall we?

(On another note, I got Heroic Deathbringer’s Will tonight :D)

The Triumphs

Well, while I was in my raid a good friend on twitter (Validra – You should check out his blog!) pointed me to this blue post that made me extremely happy. Here’s what it says:

We have pushed a hotfix to improve hunter damage.

Specifically, we increased the damage of the signature abilities (Chimera Shot, Black Arrow, Explosive Shot, and Kill Command) by 15-25%. This will both improve overall damage-dealing and make sure that these abilities are prioritized higher than other shots. We think this will bring hunters to a good enough state until they hit 85. Aspect of the Fox and Cobra Shot solve some specific issues at higher levels. Marksman hunters may still trump Survival and Beast Master hunters until they’re 85, since their rotations rely a little on Cobra Shot.

Now, I know things are scaled for 85 bla bla but honestly, from what I saw other hunters doing, its a little low right now. From my experience tonight I think my DPS is low… Well, I know it is. I’m not sure if the hotfix has actually been applied yet or if that won’t happen till next week. It’s nice to see Blizzard acknowledging that hunters are a little weak right now and they’re doing stuff to fix that!

The Woes

Of course, with every good comes some bad. If you were on twitter tonight while I was raiding (Yeah Validra and Rades, I’m looking at you guys!) I was talking about how I didn’t like focus that much. I’m kind of on edge about it, to be honest. Part of how I feel about focus I think Rades said best:

“Just hate the feel of using filler shots not to wait for CDs, but to be able to USE CD shots.”

I still don’t know about it… I just don’t. I feel crippled on movement fights (See Heroic Putricide) because I can’t Steady shot to regen focus when on the move so I have to rely on base focus regen (which isn’t a whole hell of a lot). Hopefully, the problems I have with movement should be fixed come 83 when I get Aspect of the Fox which lets you Steady/Cobra Shot on the move. The other issue (which isn’t so much an issue I am having but just a general one) is the lack of Cobra Shot. For Marks this isn’t a huge issue because it uses steady shot anyway, but for Survival and Beast Mastery they rely on Cobra Shot to keep serpent sting up. Without it, SS has to constantly be reapplied to the Boss. My hope is that I’ll get used to having focus, get better at managing it, and come 85 be okay with it. For now, it’s meh.

I messed around with my survival spec tonight for trash and a few other things. Notably I used it on Heroic Blood Queen. I didn’t get a bite but I did manage to do 14.5k DPS @ 3.3 million damage (I like the focus management and they rotation of the spec a lot more than I thought I would). I liked how much damage it did on trash as well. I plan on reforging all my gear back to mastery for survival and use it on thursday for Sindragosa and whatever else the raid decided to do. As well, I plan on writing a post for Survival, much like I did for Marks either tomorrow or Thursday so be on the look out for that!

~ Bliky