I’m on a Podcast!

About a week or two ago I saw a tweet from the guys over at the WoWPhiles Podcast looking for Class/Spec experts to so a segment on there upcoming podcast episode. I’ve always wanted to be on a podcast so I jumped at the chance.

Nervous as I was I jumped in skype with Jason from WoWPhiles and off we went. My segment talks a little about leveling a lowbie hunter and where you should put your talents, survival at 80 and how to play it and just some general chit chat about our new resource Focus. I’m going to include both specs that I mentioned in the podcast down below.

Also on the podcast were two other players; Linedan from Achtung Panzercow who comes on the show to talk about all things Prot Warrior and Liala from Disciplinary Action who talks about all things Disc Priest. Both players know their spec really well and were very informative on the podcast!

Click the link below and listen!

Podcast Link: http://wowphiles.com/2010/11/wowphiles-podcast-show-47/

Survival Build: http://www.wowhead.com/talent#cZsZcrhcMhrRsd:RVsM0

Thanks again to the guys at WoWPhiles for letting me do a little segment on the podcast. It was fun to do!

~ Bliky

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