Bane of the Fallen King

So, this tuesday started out like any raid night. We all got into ICC. The officers moved into the main raiding channel and told us we were going to have a vote. We were to vote 1 if we wanted to continue on Heroic LK 25, vote 2 if we wanted to have a more casual raiding schedule where we could do what we want, or vote 3 to continue clearing ICC for loot. I voted 1 but as majority would have it, the two’s won. I started to get upset because I really thought we had a chance to get H-LK25 down but that feeling didn’t last for long. Before I knew it I was being dragged in vent to another channel with one of our officers, Vinz. Instantly he qued his mic up and asked if I would be interested in doing H-LK10 this Thursday at regular raid time. I jumped at the chance as fast as I could.

Thursday night came and we headed into ICC. We started late due to the login bug that was going on that night but we managed to clear all of H-ICC10 except for Lich King. So, Vinz asked in vent if we were all available the next day, Friday, to kill him. We decided to schedule it for the next night and that was that.

Tonight began with much excitement as I had done some research on the fight earlier in the day and got pumped. We all logged on, jumped in raid, and headed for ICC. About 10 minutes in I noticed something. We were missing our Paladin tank, Hevensrath! No one knew where he was so we waited for him. We waited and waited for what seemed to be days. Eventually the clock said 8:50 my time. We waited almost an hour for him. Just about that time I hear Vinz que up in vent. He said this was basically a bust and we would try another night. Mad and slightly pissed I hearthed out of ICC. Just as I did guess who came online? Yupp, Good old Hevensrath! Excited to see him login we all hoped back in raid and headed back to ICC.

Tonight’s attempts started off.. well.. not so good. One of our best attempts was either the first or second one where we made it all the way to 36% on the boss. We, of course, wiped. This process repeated several times through the night. Things happen, people mess up, but somehow I KNEW we would get it tonight.

WTB Less Defile, PST!

Anyway, the night went on until our final attempt. Things looked lost and I personally was loosing hope. We got through Phases 1&2 perfectly. Phase 3 started off very well with everyone alive. Arthas cast his spell, we all lifted up from the ground and were ported into Frostmourne’s Room. We navigated through the room well, killing Spirits as we went, then we were out. It was then that I got “the feeling”. Right then, just as we came out, I looked over at Grid. What did I see? Everyone alive. If was then that I said to myself “This is it, this IS the kill!”. Yes, that feeling. Most raiders know that feeling, the one where you just KNOW you’ve got it. It’s an awesome feeling!

One thing lead to another. I look down to the bottom of the screen and what do I see? That’s right, Arthas is casting “Fury of the Frostmourne”. We had done it! I think I squee’d in vent at the time >.> But boy, was I excited! We watched the roleplay for what seemed like forever. We were rezzed, threw some more damage at him, and then, this:

Bane of the Fallen King Baby!

He was dead, and everyone was happy in vent! The Bow didn’t drop, but I think I will (hopefully) be back again to kill him for a second time.

Sadly, we didn’t get to take a screenshot of the full group but we did manage a semi-ghetto screenshot in Dalaran!

Left to Right: Xhula (Saiyah), Thinmint, Hevensrath, Vinzclortho, Bliky, NƦ and Voxstellarum.

Missing: Keleborn, Tanequil and McDougle (Cheo).

Congratz to everyone who got Bane of the Fallen King tonight! I had so much fun with you guys tonight and I’m so glad I got the opportunity to do it!

Also, gratz to Zevvo’s group who got their Bane achievement’s last night! Both groups did an awesome job and put in some good attempts into the fight.

Bliky, Bane of the Fallen King. That has a good ring to it. šŸ™‚

~ Bliky

    • Thinmint
    • October 30th, 2010

    so i found this blog and all i can say is AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA!!! aj you crack me up. Grats on the kill tonight. hopefully vox can get the officers to get us to clear one last time so we can work on 25 man light of the dawn.

  1. Gz on the kill! I’m hoping to get him down myself with my guild soon. It’s really the only thing left in WotLK that I feel is worth doing (apart from “Light of Dawn” which is a bit too far out of reach for my guild).

    One question though, did you have the bug with the shadow traps not being visible or not?


      • Bliky
      • October 30th, 2010


      We didn’t seem to have that bug, to be honest. The commenter above you, Thinmint, has some issue’s seeing the little cloud effect thing just before they actually drop and make a circle but we did fine with shadow traps otherwise.

      ~ Bliky

    • Thinmint
    • October 31st, 2010

    that was once and cause it was in the ice block, otherwise i saw it fine, i was just taking a vacation in my mind from seeing thats all.

  2. Very cool, maybe they managed to fix this bug with 4.0.1a!
    I know we had that issue last time we went in there which kinda upped the difficulty of that heroic mode… šŸ™‚


  1. November 4th, 2010

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