4.0.1: Another Look at Marksmanship

(If you’re looking for a general hunter guide to patch 4.0.1 feel free to check out my guide right here. This post also assumes that you reforged the way my guide says and are using the spec/glyphs that are mentioned in the guide.)

So,  after talking with a bunch of people on twitter, doing a lot more forum browsing and more researching into how Marks works I’ve discovered some new things that help increase DPS as Marks. Of course, I didn’t want to post about new ideas without doing my testing and research so here’s a chart of the few different parses I did with some different variables/stats/weapons changed for each test.

(Quick Shots is the proc for Zod’s)

First thing I did (shown in Test 1) was just a simple, 5 minute parse with everything the way I had it.

I saw a bunch of posts and people talking about having 25% haste the “sweet spot” for hunters so I decided to reforge my gear and try it. I had to go through and reforge almost everything that didn’t have haste on it for haste so I lost a lot of mastery. The loss of mastery doesn’t seem to be a huge detriment to anything at all, in fact, I think the gain in haste outweighs the loss in mastery by quite a bit.

I read over at a hunter blog I read called “She Can’t DPS” in this article that the hunter she was talking to and working with (Nestey on Moon Guard-US) that because of the changes in weapon damage Fal’Inrush is better than H-Zods. Here’s what they said:

Another is Slow Weapons > Fast Weapons. I did a naked run and fully geared run between LK normal 25m bow and Heroic Zod’s the damage difference per auto shot was about 200, on arcane my difference was around 400.

So I decided to throw my Fa’Inrush on and do my second test with it. With my Zod’s on (With everything reforged around getting haste “sweet spot” as a priority, then mastery) I was just at 24.25% haste but luckily my Fal’Inrush was able to bring me comfortably over the haste “sweet spot”.

As you can see from Test 2 that my DPS went up quite a bit (~400) and my damage went up by ~200,000. A significant gain if I do say so myself.

In Test 3 I put my Zod’s back on and tested with being at the haste “sweet spot”. My damage went back down to where it was in Test 1. Pretty big loss, imo.

The rotation I did for this is pretty confusing so I’ll just quote She Can’t DPS again (Seriously, check out the blog!)

Rotation I use:

SrS > Chim > Arc x2 (Opener)

SS x2 >Arc x2 > SS x3 > Chim > Arc (Standard)

Also, when you are doing the SS x3 part, if you have enough focus for an Arcane Shot after the first Steady then you can do the Chim > Arc. Otherwise skip the Arc and go to SS x2 > Arc x2.

If however you don’t have the focus at the time for an Arc after your first Steady in the x3 part but you proc Aim Shot before the Chim then go Chim > Aim > Arc (Global used on Aim Shot is enough time to passively generate enough focus for the Arcane Shot). This usually happens every 2-3 rotations, otherwise the Aim Shot proc is usually triggered during the Arc x2 part.

It took a while to grasp it. Honestly, go spend time on the dummy until you have mastered it, then go do it for longer. More practice can never hurt, especially in a situation like this,

Another observation I had was that keeping the Improved Steady Shot proc up all the time was CRUCIAL to the spec which is why you weave 2 or 3 steady shots into the spec at one time.

One of the things that I thought about was the fact that standing in front of a Target Dummy causes some of our stuff to get “Blocked”. If you’re going to parse I suggest standing behind the dummy so this doesn’t happen and cut your DPS.

If you have any other info on Marks or any other spec, or just want to ask something leave a comment below!

~ Bliky

    • Nestey
    • October 18th, 2010

    Hey Bilky, I’m glad you enjoy the rotation. I wanted to add a little error I ran into while doing a few 10 million damage test that is pretty significant dps loss that it is almost out of our control.

    When doing your 2nd Steady Shot to refresh Improved Steady Shot buff, do NOT hit Arcane Shot until the very last second of the cast time. What happens is Arcane Shot has a faster travel time than your Steady Shot, thus not refreshing your Improved Steady Shot buff.

    Your Combat Log will look something like this:
    Nestey’s Steady Shot hits Target A for 2000.
    Nestey’s Arcane Shot hits Target A for 1000.
    Nestey’s Steady Shot hits Target A for 2000.
    Improved Steady Shot fades from Nestey.

      • Bliky
      • October 18th, 2010

      When I was doing my testing I decided to create a NeedToKnow progress bar just for Improved Steady Shot so I could watch it’s uptime. I noticed a few times during my rotation that ImpSS would just fall off after I did two Steady Shots in a row but for the life of me I couldn’t figure out why it was just falling off randomly instead of being refreshed. I guess this answers my problem. Thanks! I’ll add a note in my post referring to your comment.

      ~ Bliky

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