The Technicals of 4.0.1

So, after last night’s fiasco in ICC I decided to stay home today and do more testing on spec’s to see where they stand.

First thing I did was head to the dummy in Exodar, thinking there would be no one there. To my surprise there wasn’t anyone even near the dummy. I was able to do all 3 parses that I did with no actual debuffs on the dummy other than my own.

I did 3 five minute parses each. One as Marksmanship and two as Beast Mastery. After the first BM Parse I decided to, in the Survival tree, take two points out of Pathing and put them into Improved Serpent Sting.

I disabled both of the raid buffs my pets gave me to get a more accurate parse. I wasn’t able to accurately test Survival due to two things. One, I don’t really like survival. Two, there is a bug that cuts our resource regeneration by 10% by specing into Hunting Party.

If you’re curious about what gear I have you can check my armory. Link should be on the right side of this post. I had, as stated in a different post, reforged the higher stat (Crit or Haste) on all my gear to mastery leaving me with 561 Mastery Rating at 20.22% Mastery. I had that for all the below tests.

Spec’s I used:


BM Spec One (No ImpSS)

BM Spec Two (Imp SS)

The first parse I did was Marks. Here’s how the numbers on Recount looked, how Wild Quiver (The marks mastery) did, and how much stats Wild Quiver gained from my mastery that I have.

Marksmanship Test

I am very pleased at how well Wild Quiver did. Currently it has a 36% chance to fire an extra auto attack that does 115% Weapon Damage. For being 3rd on recount with the fact that Auto Shot went off ONLY 9 more times than Wild Quiver is awesome. Overall I like the Marks rotation a lot more than I do the Beast Master one currently. Remember, with raid buffs (Specifically looking at Sunder Armor considering the top 3 damaging attacks are Physical) I feel like marks DPS has a chance to go WAY up assuming you have certain buffs.

Now, onto the Beast Mastery parse I did with No Improves Serpent Sting. Instead I had 2% more Haste across the board.

BM Testing with No ImpSS

The difference between MM here and BM is insane. Almost 1000 more DPS with MM and about 400,000 more damage as Marks than BM. That, well, it’s a big difference.

Next, BM With ImpSS.

BM Tesing with ImpSS

I did less damage WITH Improves SS (A very small amount) than I did without it. It only did 3% of my overall Damage. That doesn’t seem like a lot and honestly, doesn’t even seem like it’s worth it.

Hopefully I, along with some other people will be able to do some more testing (Specifically in a raid setting) to see how things come out, but MM looks like (Atleast for me) the spec of choice.

~ Bliky

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