The Journey into 4.0.1

So today it was. The patch, released and applied. This day from.. Well, when the servers came up till about now has been chaos to say the least.

Around 8 my time I look over at tweet deck and see about 10 tweets stream through at once.. “The servers are up!!!”. Well, it was on. Time to do work. I immediately jumped from the flash game I was playing (I wasn’t bored or anything) and hoped on the servers. Lucky for me, the patch was mostly pre-downloaded prior to today and I just let it download earlier in the day while I took a nap.

Anyway, I hoped on the server and there I was, next to the trainer where I logged out. Of course, 8 o’clock is normal raid time and my guild decided they wanted to try raiding today (Why, I have no idea). There were about 20 people online when I logged. My instant thought was “Crap, Need to get ready for raid!” I think in the course of 20 minutes I was re-gem’d, glyphs learned, Spec’d,Pet Spec’d, Trained, Reforged, UI Setup, and action bars re-done. I would write more about how I did all that, but honestly those 20 minutes were… A big blur.

I feel like there was a lot of talk on twitter and other places about interfaces and addons. Basically, I kept my addons updated all day Via the Curse Client. Apon logging in I was greeted with… The same UI as before. Of course, minor things were wrong such as Grid being broken. My buff frames being completely broken. Kgpanels not having the inside texture but I got most of that fixed and we were up and running.

About 9:30 my time the call rang out over guild chat “Raid invites in 30 minutes, fix your shit now!”. Of course, by then I was way more than done.. I even had time to practice on the dummy for a little. Invited went out and there we were, in ICC. The talk on vent was mostly confused about what was going on and I was surprised at how many people were asking basic questions. I guess I do more research and reading into this game than most people, although I was also impressed with some of the people in the guild who were, just like me, as up to date and ready as they possibly could be.

My guild is 11/12 Hardmode ICC so we did Heroic Marrowgar. The fight went OKAY I guess. Having no raid frames I couldn’t really tell how much damage was going out to raid. We did, unfortunately, have our off tank die twice for some reason (I’m really not sure why) but it went promisingly well. I got caught in a bad spot a few times die to his BOOOOOOOOOOONE storming around everywhere and due to where Cold Flames happened to be places.

Heroic Marrowgar at 4.0.1 Release

This was a screen shot I grabbed at the very end of the fight. Look right above my chat window, thats my focus frame that has our MT “Keleborn” in focus… dead. Yeah, he died ~10 seconds before the fight actually ended. Also, look around, a few other people died. See recount? Yeah, Pretty happy I did 10k in a new spec with a lot of movement but DAMN look at the top 3. I believe Thin and Mizzet were Destruction at the time (Don’t quote me on that) and Dualedges is Unholy (and has a shadowmourne).

I was beast mastery at the time with my bear spirit beast (REALLY happy I actually got to use him in a viable raid setting 🙂 ). I got to thinking, I wonder if I could do more DPS as marks on fights like that. Sadly, I hurpdurped and made my second spec a BM solo build instead of an actual DPS one to test so I couldn’t. Lucky for me, I like the rotation and playstyle of both spec’s so, to be honest, I could play either one happily in a raid setting.

Off we went, on to Lady Deathwhisperer. I have one word to summarize that fight when we did it. Clusterfuck!

We’ve been doing that fight for weeks now. We have it down to a science. Tonight, we almost hit the enrage before she was even at empty mana. We had issues with the adds not dying fast enough and Decurses. We gave it one attempt and called it.

Having the raid called early gave me a chance to mess around with Marks on the dummy. I tried to do a parse with no raid buffs on me, and as little debuffs on the dummy as possible. I wanted to compare the unbuffed parse of the same length as the marrowgar fight to the actual fight (Or what Recount told me). The results were… Oddly close. Close enough that I kept my marks spec and have decided to test it come Thursday when we raid next so I can see how much of a big/small difference it is over BM.

For those curious, here are the spec’s and glyphs I use for both my beast mastery and marks specs. Also, I went and reforged my gear to become hit capped (Had to change one piece to hit). I took every piece of gear, looked at what was it’s highest stat (Crit or Haste) and changed that to Mastery. I did that on every piece of gear I had. I have 561 mastery rating right now at 20.22%.

Beast Mastery Spec

Marksmanship Spec

This night, day, and patch have been interesting. Hopefully I can do a lot more spec and raid testing come Thursday. I should be able to report a lot more accurate info. Expect another post tomorrow, but a different one. Tomorrow I get to go around and pick up about 15 more pets :). Expect a post talking about what pets and why I got them a long with lots of pictures.

~ Bliky

    • Vinz
    • October 19th, 2010

    Thin and Mizz were Affliction for that.

    You’re not allowed to post recount shots where I’m not ahead of them! 😉


    • Jadesea
    • October 19th, 2010

    Found you Bliky! I’m pleased it didn’t take me long 🙂

      • Bliky
      • October 19th, 2010

      I’m impressed you guys found my blog! I was planning to eventually post a link on our forums to here 😛

      How did you guys find it though? I’m so curious XD

    • Jadesea
    • October 19th, 2010
      • Bliky
      • October 19th, 2010

      Aha! I knew it had to be one of the bloggers i know! Well, I hope you enjoy the blog 😀

  1. October 13th, 2010

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